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A guy at the gym today looked a hell of a lot like porn star Matt Sanchez, the guy who turned into a conservative lobbyist and buddied up with the likes of Ann Coulter. It wasn't him, of course, but I knew him from somewhere. I still can't place where.

He was cruising around back there in the sauna/steamroom areas, and I knew what he was up to. I think he caught my interest. Some guy I had no interest in screwed up our first opportunity by heading him off at the sauna door, then placing himself right between me and Mr. Not-Matt-Sanchez. Eventually he got the message and left, but then so did Not-Matt. I was a bit annoyed by his shyness. You only have a small window of opportunity in those situations, and there I was trying to get a nut on my lunch break.

Eventually he jumped ship for the steam room, and I followed shortly thereafter. In the steam room was one guy I've played with before. He's hot but useless in that situation--can get hard, but can't stay that way, and forget about making him cum. He handles a man's penis the way a Nascar driver might handle the stick shift of a stock car. But since I know he's into dick, I felt OK jerking off in front of this guy. So I started beating it in front of him and Not-Matt. The other guy joins me and beats his, but Not-Matt just sits there. Not leaving, but not uncovering himself either. A brief glimpse earlier told me he's hung, and I'm dying to see it. I'm also in a hurry.

Finally I decide "fuck it, I'm gonna just beat off and get it over with." But my peak has passed. The heat of the steam room is getting to me, and what's more, I tend to lose my erection if the person I'm showing off for doesn't respond. It's knowing that they're into it that makes me want to keep doing it.

Just before I decide to just forget the whole thing, Not-Matt uncovers and starts tugging on his. The other guy leans over and takes it in his mouth before I even realize it. I decide to let them have their fun and be their lookout, but Not-Matt doesn't understand this protocol and keeps eyeing the door nervously. The steam is going full blast too, so I don't even bother trying to explain; he probably won't hear me or understand. Eventually the other guy sits up and Not-Matt's huge cock is waving in the steam. So I tug on it a little. It's big and warm, and doesn't actually feel as big as it looks. I lean over and he doesn't object. It goes into my mouth real easy for a big dick. It's not so big that I can't do a good job on it, either. I can tell Not-Matt is appreciating it. I only get about 30 seconds into it before he urges me to stop. Did somebody come into the steam room? I'm beyond caring at this point. I don't give a shit if the owner of the gym walks in and says "What the FUCK is going on here???"

But Not-Matt isn't as uninhibited. He's nervous. The steam shuts off and I realize we're all still alone in there. Not-Matt is beating his own, and so is the other guy. Suddenly Not-Matt groans softly, and I realize it's gonna blow. This huge burst of cum shoots up, as high as his chest, and slaps back down right where it shot out. There are a few other spurts, and I grin so he knows I am enjoying it. I'm also jealous as hell that I didn't get to take it in my mouth.

And that's it. I know better than the try and get off with the other guy, the one who can't cum and can't make me cum either. I'm so damn overheated that jacking off isn't an option either, so I go shower off in cold water. By the time I get back, I realize Not-Matt is still sitting in there, but he takes off the minute I walk in. He gives me a smile on the way out.

I jack off, but I can't stay hard. It's one of those unsatisfying jackoffs, where the steam and heat are keeping me from full erection, yet the feeling is good enough to continue. The orgasm always sucks like this, but I keep doing it anyway because I need the release.

Back to the showers for another cool-off, then out into the locker room to get dressed. Not-Matt is already dressed by the time I get out there, and I'm standing under one of the dryers when he walks by and looks me right in the eye and smiles, saying "Bye." He doesn't understand that's an unusual thing, to be greeted by someone you've just gotten off with anonymously. Not my rule, mind you. If they're good enough to cum with, they're good enough to be polite to. But I'm in the minority on that one. Me & Mr. Not-Matt-Sanchez. I hope I see him again.
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