chuggit (chuggit) wrote,

the first time

a million years ago

The first time I had sex in public was hardly anything interesting now, but it was a memorable first. It was in a common suburban department store, on one of the many shopping trips I can remember with my mother. You know how bored you were on those.

I really did have to use the men's room, I didn't know anything about cruising for sex at that point. I was about fifteen. You had to ask at the customer service desk for them to buzz you in, and when I walked in, both of the stalls were taken. I started to panic a little about that, until I heard the toilet flush and one of the guys left. I hurried in after him, just in time to see this piece of toilet paper come falling off the side of the stall, it had been stuffed into a hole in the partition. It was weird to me, but I instinctively knew the situation. I knew it was a hole in the wall, and that the guy before me had stuffed the toilet paper in there to keep whoever was in the other stall from watching him take a dump. Somehow I knew the guy in the other cube liked dick. And I liked dick. I figured I'd be able to look through and see some dick for real.

I wish I could tell you something good about the guy on the other side of that glory hole, but about the only good thing I can tell you is that he was a man and I was interested in cock, and he had one. The stall was decorated with all kinds of graffiti, most of it written by him. "Tap foot for blowjob", "Guy in next stall with USMC tattoo on his arm sucks cock", etc. I remember wondering what "tapping my foot" would do, oblivious to the signals of cruising.

He got my attention by sticking his finger through the hole and saying "hey, hey" until I responded to him. I don't remember what I said, but I remember I knew he was going to suck my cock if I let him. I put it through the hole in the wall and he sucked on it a little, but I wasn't exactly thrilled by it. I'd gotten a look at him and he had nothing that appealed to me except the desire to suck dick with me.

I withdrew mine when the situation got to me. I didn't cum, I remember that, I was too nervous. And I think the reason was, I wanted to see his more than I wanted him to see mine. I think he thought I was going to bolt, and he seemed really amused when I asked him to put his through the hole. Suddenly there it was, a man's cock. I'd done stuff with other boys my age all my life, but I hadn't touched a grown man's dick for six years. Yeah, I can hear you doing the math right now. I knew what I liked early in life.

This one was a lot smaller than the one I'd gotten used to those six years before, the one I'd learned everything I knew from, the one that had broken me in in every way, ways that had thrilled me so much that I just knew this was the most amazing thing in the world, a man's penis. Now standing at the glory hole, this penis was much different. It was shorter, for one thing, a size that I grew to understand was more average. It was also attached to this guy who had been sitting in a men's room stall, writing things on the wall to advertise the blowjobs he wanted to give, a guy who I had noticed had fucked up teeth and didn't look like he took very good care of his hair or face. He was disgusting to me. I sucked it anyway, I sucked it because I knew I probably would not get a chance to do it again for a long time. Not so many years before, it had ended very badly for us. This experience was about all I could settle for until I was old enough.

I only sucked it for a few seconds, really. It didn't get him off, thank god, because even though I knew I loved cum, taking his would have probably put me off it entirely. No, the thrill passed really quickly and I got the hell out of there, part of me grossed out by the whole thing, but another part of me satisfied that I'd gotten an unexpected thrill, the kind I'd been waiting for for years. I wasn't traumatized by it; I was acting of my own free will. But it did make me want something better. And it made me wish that the man on the other side of that partition had been someone that really HAD turned me on. In that case, I would have been in there a lot longer than I was, and I knew it.


PS: I saw him again, probably about 15 years later. I recognized him by that USMC tattoo on his forearm, and his bad teeth. I remember not being 100% sure it was him, but the coincidence would have been too big. Same tattoo, same general area, same scenario. He'd cleaned himself up a little since then, but I could still tell it was him. It was amusing to me to run into him again, looking for it. I decided to see if my memory served me well. His cock was as I remembered it. So I stood up, had him kneel in front of me. I showed him what I'd developed since then, and he seemed to like it when I gave it to him. I was rough, forcing him down on it and not giving a damn about whether he was enjoying it or not. I could tell he was in pig heaven. I quickly built myself up and got off right in his disgusting, sucking mouth. Then as I was zipping my pants and he was gasping in front of me, I did him an even bigger favor. I took a deep breath and spit right in his face as he knelt there. I knew he wouldn't flinch and he didn't, except to close his eyes. I was certain he had no idea who I was, or that years before he'd committed a number of crimes by fooling around with me in a public rest room.
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