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I like

It's true, the Mexican guy at the gym doesn't speak much English at all. I saw him again there, close to closing time again. This time he motioned for me to meet him upstairs and I knew right away what he meant. I waited upstairs in the stairwell and he appeared, but this time it was different. It was too close to closing time. His awkward English made it difficult to understand what was going on. From what I gathered, he wanted to go finish his rounds, close up the gym, and have me waiting in the stairwell for him, but I was nervous about it. He wasn't the only employee in there after all, and what if someone discovered me up there lurking after closing?

I waited anyway. He left me there wondering what would happen for longer than I cared for. Ten minutes, maybe 15. I had my line prepared for if any other employee discovered me lurking there ("I was on my cell phone, I didn't realize it was so close to closing time, etc."), but I didn't need it. He reappeared and led me to this unfinished office space on the top floor of the gym. The rooms were mostly just a maze of plastic sheeting and half-built walls, but there were a few that were completed. We went inside one of these empty offices and finally got to what we were there for.

Just like the first time, he played the passive role. He pulled his shorts to his ankles and lay down on the floor and I sucked him there, taking my time in building him up and keeping him just on the verge. A few times he scrambled nervously around for no apparent reason; he was aggressive enough that he knew what he liked, but he was clearly not yet comfortable with the idea of sex with a man. Once he fumbled for the bulge in my pants and I took it out for him, thinking that maybe he'd finally reciprocate, but he just jerked on me a little. Finally I finished him off and he was more open this time, babbling to himself as the feeling swept over him and then finally gasping as his uncut dick shot off in my mouth. He returned to being his usual nervous self very quickly, but for a few moments after his orgasm, he lay there looking contented, saying "I like. I like."

The real bitch was getting out of the gym after it was over. Now I was really not supposed to be in there, it being half an hour after closing time by now. How was I going to get out without being seen? I couldn't even ask him, since he couldn't answer me very well. He only said to me "I don't know...wait here," and disappeared. An excruciating ten minutes or so went by, where I just stood in that office, fully dressed and sweaty, waiting to see what would happen. I wasn't really afraid; after all, I was a paying customer at the gym. I'd just play stupid and nobody would think much about it; even if they did suspect what was really going on, it was his job on the line. But it would have been embarassing for me, especially later on when I went to work out there.

Fortunately nothing happened. He returned and led me down a back staircase, through the locker room and out a side door in the adjoining pool area. It was bright and sunny out, stark contrast to the dark interior of the dimly lit gym. I made a mental note that it was my last such adventure with this guy. Too much of a hassle, and the thrill of getting him off is mostly gone by now.
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