chuggit (chuggit) wrote,

without words

I get restless sometimes when I'm on my lunch break. I don't feel like eating, and I don't feel like doing anything else. On days like this, I sometimes go to the gym and relax in the locker room and conjoining steam/sauna/shower areas. I don't really think of it as cruising because any satisfactory action at the gym is usually impossible. I gave up on gym sex when I realized that the only real option, due to the high visibility and mixed crowd dynamics, was to grab a quick jerkoff that somebody might actually join in on. I've had a couple of suckoffs there, but nothing to write home about (or, as you can tell, blog about).

Today was an exception to the rule. I wandered in planning on just showering quickly and getting back to work. Strangely enough, I noticed a new locker room attendant in there. Short, stocky, hispanic. Overheard him speaking casually with another patron, and not a word of it was English. He gave me the once over while I was showering, then the twice over. The only other guy there was a skinny, chewing gum with his mouth open, sitting there with his towel neatly folded to expose his larger-than-average cock, not that he'd consider letting me touch it. Not that I would have tried.

But this other guy was interesting. I'd never gotten it on with a gym employee before, and the more I looked at him, the more I realized he was interested. He looked like the kind of guy I like to sleaze around with. Imperfect, typically undesirable. Sweaty. Dirty. Horny.

The way it happened was new territory for me. I'd cruised guys in the semi-privacy of the showers and steam room before, but never openly in the locker room. While other guys were getting dressed, I stood under a dryer as I usually do. Latino guy was on a ladder, dusting off the top ledges of the lockers. When his eyes found me more than once, I took a gamble. I turned to face him, legs apart, the hot air blowing down over my body, and let myself get semi-erect. I bounced it a few times. I had him hooked.

We played like that for a while, him looking, me showing off. I drew him back to the sauna and he followed, making as if he had some unfinished business back at the shower room sinks, but then he disappeared again. Apparently not good for him. Back in the locker room, he was on his ladder again, this time in my area of the room. I openly stared at the front of his mesh shorts, and he got hard. A nice, sizeable bulge. He playfully batted it against the ladder a few times, smiling at me. I smiled back.

That dance went on while I was getting dressed. He pulled it out and showed it to me twice. Short, fat, dark, uncut. Very hard. Finally he spoke, using mostly half-sentences and hand motions, directed me to another area of the club. I went, and he followed a few minutes after. Took me into a darkened staff room, the door open so we could watch the hall. He stood a few steps up on a short staircase and hauled it out for me, and I went to work, sucking him. A pleasant, sexual smell and taste. Not too clean, not too raunchy. I understood there was no time for passion, and when he pulled out of my mouth and beat his dick quickly, I pushed his hand away and replaced it with my mouth, mimicing his quick movements. He muttered to me, without actual words, indicating he was about to cum. He went to pull off but I groaned, protesting. He understood, and pushed deep into my throat, blasted. Held it there long enough for me to get all of it and savor it. Then hurriedly pulled out.

We walked out into the hallway together and grinned at each other, without words. He went down a back staircase while I took the front, walking past a bunch of guys playing basketball about 30 feet from where I sucked him off.
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