chuggit (chuggit) wrote,


This afternoon

Ever since I started jacking off at age eight, I have been unable to leave it alone for longer than a couple of days. I tell myself that one of these days I'm going to go for a month without getting off, or at least a few weeks. Just see what it's like to wait that long. Will I cum a huge load, or not? Will I have a wet dream in the meantime because my body can't handle all that pressure in my groin? Or will it even make a difference?

Yeah, well like I said, I've been telling myself that. Still has yet to happen.

I mention this because I broke a somewhat lengthy "fast" today. I think it's been four days since I last ejaculated, be it on my own or otherwise. Today I got tapped in an excellent way by a rather plain looking guy in the maze. I went there out of sheer boredom rather than any type of need. I wasn't even horny. I just needed to kill some time on my lunch break, and had nowhere else to go. So there I went.

I didn't expect much of a crowd, but was surprised when I heard some booths going. There were a couple of guys in there talking loudly to one another, saying stuff like "You done yet? I'll be in the front." I correctly pegged them as not interested. Another booth was going. A black guy jacking off a big cock. I was interested until my eyes adjusted. Very thin, girly looking, what looked like crimped hair. Next.

So this plain looking guy tries to nose in on my action while I'm checking out Prince in the one booth. Not a good way to make friends in the bookstore. I found myself grateful for his presence there, though, when I realized nobody else was around. I found another booth and waited for him to catch up to me. While I was waiting I found a hot movie and tugged on it until he appeared in the doorway to the booth.

He was on my cock in a second, and the minute he put his mouth on my dick I was in heaven. This guy was good, and his mouth was the perfect fit for my piece. I loaded the tokens into the machine and leaned back to get comfortable. I intended to take my time with this one. "Slow down, take your time," I encouraged. He obeyed.

Never once did he lose a stroke, settling into a nice pattern of rhythmic sucking and expert teasing. Each time he returned to my cock, it was amazing. Finally I looked up and noticed the tokens were almost out. I decided to cum. I didn't know if he was planning on spitting it out or not, but I definitely knew he'd take it in his mouth. I warned him it was gonna be a big load, and I didn't disappoint either of us.

I shot what felt like a massive cum into him. I could actually feel it shooting out the tip of my cock, his lips firmly around my shaft while I coated his tonsils with four days worth of white stuff. It was a relief that I didn't know I needed. I didn't even care when the fucker spit that beautiful load out on the dirty floor of the booth, because as soon as he was sure I was finished, he immediately got up and out of there, leaving me to bask in the afterglow of his blowjob alone. Almost as if I'd just jacked off and imagined the whole thing.
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