chuggit (chuggit) wrote,

absence, not abstinence

After not posting for some time, I always wonder what I should be writing here. After all, you realize that when I don't post, it's not because I'm not having dirty sex, don't you?

I'd been striking out at the bookstore until recently. A few memorable ones there, including a really hot younger guy, just a short four years or so past college graduate. Chubby, wide, beer drinking frat boy build, boyish face. He was sitting bare ass on the video booth seats, which told me he was relatively new to the game and hadn't gotten his first case of crabs yet. He was also chasing after the wrong types in there, which told me he was desperate for some man on man action. He followed me in a booth and seemed surprised when I went completely submissive for him and sucked him off. "That was great" he told me after he'd splashed the back of my throat. "Thanks!" he said. They're so cute when they're at that point of the game.

Then there's the older guy who told me his name was Jerry. I actually wrote about him quite some time ago, a big beefy daddy with a very large, round belly and a nice fat cock. Jerry likes to lurk out near the register and talk to the clerks. In fact, he talks a hell of a lot--too much if you ask me. A couple of times he's pissed me off by wandering into the maze and striking up a conversation with one of the lurkers back there, both of them gabbing like they're in a bar or something. Call me neurotic, but I don't want to listen to somebody's conversation when I'm back there to get my nuts off. It takes the whole scene to some weird, disaffected area that I'd rather not go to, where there's absolutely zero excitment in it and no mystery. Jerry does this, and it bugs me. But I have sucked his cock anyway, and loved it. His attitude is like a Teamster who drinks a lot of beer and holds a lot of opinions. Very macho, and probably can't get enough of arguing sports with whatever unlucky victim he manages to corner. In the booth, he lets me almost completely undress him whenever we hook up, unbuttoning his shirt to expose that hairy belly and chest, sliding down his boxers to his ankles so I can lick his bloated sac. It's only been three times now, including that first one I wrote about here, but I already know how to make him last, and he's willing to play along and let me have it for as long as I want. I love his huffing and puffing when he gets off, and he's usually got a nice size load as a reward. The last time I finally made a connection about the gabbing. He's nervous. He's not sure if he'll get rejected or not, so he gabs to pretend he's back there for something other than dick. Then after he romps with me in the booth, he gabs on the way out about how lucky he got. Yeah, whatever. He bugs me, but I'll still suck his dick anytime.
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