chuggit (chuggit) wrote,

Five parts

one year ago? two?

It's summer and I'm walking home, a way that takes me through a portion of the park. Up ahead I see a stocky man walking towards me, a black guy with a bald head, carrying a bag. He's dressed in a solid black t-shirt and dark jeans. He catches my attention in more ways than one. Our eye contact leads to him suddenly grabbing his dick through his pants. He does it brazenly, openly, looking right at me as he does. What he's suggesting is unmistakable.

I return it, although not as obvious as he does. Mostly I just stare at him doing it. We pass one another and look back over our shoulders. Finally he stops, grabs himself again. We walk back toward one another.

We don't say very much to each other. He asks if I live nearby and I tell him I do. He walks the rest of the way with me, talking intermittently. He seems nervous, but otherwise bold. Something about him tells me he's for real; I'm not really asking a total stranger into my home, either. I recognize him from the neighborhood, he lives not too many streets away from me.

Once inside my house, I take him to the living room and sit down on the couch. He stands in front of me and I take down his sweat pants. He's not wearing underwear. His dick is short but thick, the way I like them. I suck him while he stands, then he sits down on the couch and I kneel in front of him. He begs off sucking my dick, saying he has just had dental work. I don't even care.

He cums in my mouth after instructing me to use my hand with my sucking motions. I swallow it and gasp for breath. Is that it? It seemed to be over so quickly.

I drive him to work after the blowjob, cause I am a nice guy and I've made him late for work as it is. He gives me his name, I'll call him Owen here. I give him my phone number, he tells me that he can't give me his. Whatever.


A few days later he shows up at my door. It's a weird coincidence; my man has just stepped out, for no reason other than to go buy a newspaper. Owen knocks on the door shortly after. I open the door and I'm surprised to see him, pleased that I warranted another visit, but startled that he's arrived now, with no phone call. I explain to him that my partner is about to come back, and that spooks him. He bolts relatively quickly after a polite goodbye. A phone call a few weeks later doesn't yield a hookup; our schedules don't match. I don't want to bring my fuckarounds into my home to annoy my partner; he keeps his discreet as well. So Owen has to go.


Flash forward to a few days ago. I see Owen at my gym, lurking in the shower area. Only I don't remember it's him. I recognize him from someplace, but I can't place him. I've swallowed his dick in the sauna and I still don't remember him. The Mexican employee guy watches us through the sauna window, steps inside for me to blow him, too. He cums within a matter of sixty seconds, it seems, and leaves me with Owen again. I finish him off, but he barely registers an orgasm. Nervous?


And now today, we are full circle. I bump into him while walking home from work. Suddenly I make the connection: Owen. We walk home together and talk a little more than ever before. After he establishes that it's not a good time for him to stop by for sex, we start talking about the gym. He's been a member there for a year, and someone at the desk has given him a hassle for messing around in the locker room. This is unheard of as far as I know. After about nine years as a member, I have never once heard of anybody getting "in trouble" for cruising the locker room. It's not a bath house, but only a few rungs down the ladder. So I wonder to myself, "What was Owen doing that got him noticed by management at the gym?" Then I see him going into another gym near my home. It happens to be the local YMCA. I have a friend who works out there who is as much of a pig as me, so I make a point to compare notes.


Final segment: Owen seems a little overeager. My buddy laughs when I describe Owen to him. "HIM? He's always following me around, pulling on it!" I laugh when I realize this is Owen's MO. Yanking on his bulge around guys he wants to play around with. My buddy tells me a few amusing things, like how Owen sneaks into the "more expensive" locker room so he can cruise it, and how he discovered that Owen actually lives at the YMCA. This explains Owen's weirdness about where he lives, and about why he never left me a phone number. We laugh about how obvious Owen is with his dick-grabbing, and how he'll do it no matter WHO is around. Suddenly I realize how he could have gotten in trouble at the gym.

I felt kind of odd that Owen would be embarassed about his living situation. But all of my interactions with him so far have been somewhat awkward, except for that one smooth moment when we met walking home from work, and I blew him in my living room.
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