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expiration date approaching

So last night I decided to visit the maze. The decision happened the way it often does. Sometimes I already know full well that I'm going to go there, and then other times I don't set out to go to the bookstore, I just end up there. Yesterday was like that. I was out driving someplace nearby, and I thought "I might go." The more I thought about it, I realized "I am going."

I got there and something was different. They had changed the configuration of the rat maze. There were now two entrances, one for the main arcade booths, and one for the preview booths where you pay $7.00 and get to watch an entire movie if you want to.

I had picked a bad time. I should have known, because there were hardly any cars out in the parking lot, but this visit was ill-advised. There were one or two "acceptable" bodies back there, but a few that were entirely unacceptable. The thing that made me feel strange was that I, too, was unacceptable. Not one of those guys followed me around. A few of them peeked into the booth to see what I was doing, but immediately left after a vague sense of acknowledgement. I didn't meet their standards. It hasn't been often that I've walked into a bookstore and not been able to immediately get some kind of possibility going, but not on this day. I guess the page is turning for me. I left without so much as a hand job; I barely got an erection. The porn they show in those places usually sucks, and I don't go in there to jerk off. I wasn't sad when I left, but I was a little disappointed.

I know I'm not unappealing, at least in some ways. But it was still a minor blow to the ego. I hope I don't ever reach the point where that's the end-all for me.
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