chuggit (chuggit) wrote,

Jim's talents.

So here's something more about this guy, with whom I've become much more familiar. You could tell it was too good for me to pass up, right? Guys who can suck dick like this, you wanna keep them around.

So Jim has sucked my cock a number of times since then. None of them have been disappointing. One time he did it when he came to visit my roommate. While he was upstairs getting ready to go out, Jim discreetly sucked my cock in the living room, one of the most satisfying quickies I ever had. Those lips, that tongue...that mouth is like a vacuum pump.

Another time he came over while I had the place to myself one day, and we got to take our time. I let him play my body the way I knew he could, touching my nipples in just the right way, tonguing my balls like an expert, and almost making me shoot my load into the air while he ate my ass. This day was something different for me and also for Jim; I talked him through all the ways he could pleasure me, with his mouth, his hands, and finally, with his cock. My ass was so relaxed and feeling so good that I ordered Jim to fuck me, and he did not disappoint. He was busy fucking my ass and neither one of was touching my cock, and the only thing that stopped me from shooting my load is that he shot his. I made sure he shot it as deep as he could inside me, and when he pulled out he sucked it out of me, something that nobody ever did for me before. Then he sucked me off and swallowed my load, too.

The sex I've had with Jim has always been great. Only convenience keeps me from using his mouth or his cock more often. Our schedules don't coincide. I'm permanently hooked up with someone, and I don't jeopardize our open arrangement by bringing guys into the house. It's a rare occasion when I do, and he's never there to see it. So Jim understands this.

It helps that he works in the same vicinity as me. We met for lunch one day, the real lunch, the kind that involves food and not fucking. But the whole time I kept thinking "I want you to suck my cock." We talked about it briefly and before I knew it, Jim was walking me to a nearby office building where he knew of a semi-private men's room. Should have known my favorite cocksucker would have a place like that. Jim gave me a brief blowjob that was only slightly less than enjoyable due to the uncomfortable surroundings. But after I shot my load in his mouth and he was getting back onto his feet again, I happened to look over and realized that what we just did was visible from a whole line of windows that were across the courtyard of the building. Lucky we didn't get the building security on our asses that day. Or maybe anybody who might have noticed it was hurrying over to join us, disappointed to find that my favorite cocksucker had left with me.
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