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In the maze again, only this time there's somebody different here. Not only unfamiliar, but alien in his attitude, in the way he almost shyly makes eye contact. He doesn't make contact with anybody. I have no idea if he's interested or not, so I give him his space. He's large, tall with a very wide build. A light skinned black guy in his early 40s, maybe. He reminds me of an older Vin Diese1.

Nobody else is interested until I see an older guy in a security guard uniform. After circling a few minutes, I enter his booth and grab ahold of his cock, which is hanging out of his fly. He doesn't object, so I kneel. He stiffens in my mouth while the guy watches some titty movie. I kinda like it like this.

Suddenly I see Diesel lurking outside the booth, watching. Jeans, t-shirt, ball cap. He's hot. The guy I'm blowing is either unable to go through with it or is put off by Diesel watching, and he bolts. I stand up and look for Diesel again, who has scattered. Eventually I find him and manage to talk him into a booth. His actions are skittish, nervous, and yet you can tell he's normally sexually confident. Just not in situations like this. I get him to take out his cock, and the sight of it drives me crazy. Thick and perfectly proportioned, yet not so big that I wouldn't be able to handle it without being uncomfortable. He lets me hold it, but that's all he'll do. "I'm afraid of catching HIV," he explains. I'm amused and I'm frustrated by this. Of course, I know that most studies unanimously conclude that there is no risk factor involved at all from getting a blowjob, but Diesel apparently hasn't done his homework. He's authentic, just a little bit ignorant. I explain to him that you can't get HIV from getting a blowjob. He wants to believe me, but he's not taking any chances. He says he wants to watch me blow a guy while he jacks himself off, and he zips up and moves away, apparently in anticipation of me finding someone to blow for his enjoyment. By now I'm really hot under the collar. This guy's too good to let go, yet how far will he let me go?

The lack of guys in the maze leads us both into a booth again, jacking off. He lets me jack on it until he almost cums several times. "What are you saving it for?" I ask him. He explains again that he wants to cum while watching me suck. It's not gonna happen though; the only other guy back there is some mentally deficient guy that tries to lumber into our action by asking us if we know where he can go "potty". We both laugh it off and the guy scrams.

I tell Diesel I've got to leave; I'm on my lunch break, after all. He tells me he's in town visiting and gives me his hotel room number, wondering if we can get together later. This sounds good to me, but for what? So he can tease me with his big dick and not let me suck it? I tell him I'll call him if I can.

I get back to work and think about it. Why the hell not? I'm off work in three more hours. Why not stop by his hotel room and see what comes up? So we get in touch again and he invites me to stop over after work. "I'll let you jack me off and eat my cum if you want, but I dunno about you sucking it." I tell him that I won't pressure him.

I'm nervous as hell when I get to his hotel room. The maze is ugly, but it's familiar. I don't do hotel rooms that often. Diesel answers the door, now in a t-shirt and shorts, and he's friendlier than I thought he'd be, for some reason. We talk for a little bit, just to get comfortable, and then he orders a porn movie on the in-house pay per view. He drops his shorts and I get a good look at him again. Bigger, more powerful than I remembered. And I can't suck it.

Just as I get it hard, the phone rings. He excuses himself and walks over to the desk to answer it, his cock wagging out in front of him, his shorts around his muscular thighs. I can hear the woman's voice from all the way across the room. Obviously the wife. Make that the shrewish wife. She demands to know where he's been, what he's been doing, what he's doing now. Of course he lies to her. They have a long conversation, which he isn't at all shy about. He rolls his eyes at me occasionally when I look over at him. I smile and nod.

He hangs up and comes back over to me. "I guess that's your wife, right?" He nods. We talk a little more, about whether I'm married, about how long I've been "doing this", etc. He is newer than I thought, he can't recognize me as a 100% dick hound. I can still "pass" with guys like this. Maybe that's why he invited me back to his hotel.

Eventually I start playing with his dick again and it gets hard as a rock. It's big and warm in my hand, throbbing constantly, as if he's on the verge of cumming any second. He clearly is, too. I promise not to make him cum too fast, and he actually thanks me. I'm jacking on him and he's loving it; he asks if I "want him to rub mine", and he puts it in his hand. "This is a first" he announces, and I know he's not lying about it. I can't get hard, though. This guy isn't engaging me at all, he's a novice. Sure he's hot, and here I am jacking on this big hot married guy's cock, but I ultimately know it's not going anyplace I'm thrilled to go. A handjob isn't what I want to do to him.

Eventually he allows me to kiss his balls, and kissing turns into licking. He groans deeply when I do it, clearly trying to keep from shooting his load right there. I debate trying to lick up his shaft, then decide not to push it. He's trusting me, and ridiculous as it is, he's made his limit known. I respect it.

He announces he's ready to cum and stands while I remain kneeling. I beg him to jack it into my mouth and he warns me not to put my mouth on his cock. A few tense seconds go by, and then he grunts, and it's squirting on my tongue and my lips. His load is big, about four or five big squirts and then a few little ones that, unfortunately, dribble back down his shaft and only his hand. I can't lick it off his shaft, but I gently grab his hand and lick the rest off his thumb. I hope he's pleased I want his cum so badly, and he sure looks like he is.

I make small talk with him after it's all over, but it's clear he wants his space now, probably to wonder what the hell he is. I get dressed and get out of there, inviting him to call me whenever he gets back into town.

I guess I should have known he'd call me later that night. It's about 1am when the phone goes off, four times in a row. I know he wants me to come visit him, but I can't; I'm at home with my own significant other. I do call him back though, and explain that it's too late for me to visit. Again I tell him "If you're ever here again, call me." And now I file it away with the others, wondering if one day he actually will come back through here.
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