chuggit (chuggit) wrote,

barber, part 3


I don't want this to turn into the "barber sucking" journal, but really the situation is so damn cool that I feel compelled to write about it here whenever something new happens.

Today I was due for my haircut, and I approached it with the usual nervousness. The last time was hurried and unfulfilling, even though I got his load. I wanted to enjoy myself a little, so I was looking forward to it, and whenever you do that, you can be disappointed. Too many what-ifs. When I got to the shop, two other guys were there before me. I immediately identified both of them as gay, and I was amused by it. Are all these gay guys sucking this old barber's big cock? I felt lucky that I'd arrived close enough to closing that, if any cocksucking were to be done, it would probably be me.

But there was a wild card I hadn't planned on. A woman I'd never seen before was in there with him, and she wasn't leaving. She was clearly there with the barber, perhaps a family member. Too young to be a wife, too old to be a daughter. Who was she? And more importantly, would she be leaving?

As he cut my hair, I felt his cock through his pants as usual. The cut he gave me was dead on this time, very neat and orderly. I wanted his cock so bad I could taste it already, but the woman. She was in the way. Once she left and I hoped she wasn't coming back, but she returned minutes later, having only run an errand. She was going to ruin it.

As he finished my cut, she went in the back for something, and he said something to me very low, something that was almost unintelligible due to his accent. Something about "the apartment upstairs". I nodded as if I understood and hoped I'd be able to wing it. She was back by the time I was ready to pay him, and as I turned to leave the shop, he called after me. "Did you still want to see the apartment upstairs?" Suddenly I understood.

We left her there and went through a few doors in the back to a staircase that led up to an empty apartment. He led me through the rooms, and I didn't know where we'd be doing this. We chose the bathroom. I sat on the tub and he dropped his pants, his uncut dick hanging there flaccid, the first time I'd ever seen it like that. I couldn't believe how small it got when it was soft, so different than the heavy, straining tool I knew it would swell into.

I marveled at the sight of his groin for a while, trailing my fingers over his belly and crotch and thighs, finally gripping his soft cock and tugging on it. I wasn't sure if I should get him erect like that, or just put it in my mouth. My desire to taste it won out and I took him into my mouth soft, building him up to full erection that way. I took it out of my mouth hard and kissed it gently for him as he sighed "Beautiful, beautiful". So big and warm. How many children did he help make with this? And here it was, all mine for this very moment, my greedy mouth to swallow down his babyjuice.

I knew she was downstairs waiting, and I wondered if she would follow us upstairs just out of curiosity, so I hurried. Damn it, as I type this I wish I had really taken my time like I wanted to, but I was worried we'd lose the moment. Balance is key in those situations. You have to seize the moment while it's there, because at any time, nervousness or an interruption could cut the whole thing short. A guy too worried about getting caught isn't likely to cum, or even stay hard for very long, so you have to get them off before their mind starts to wander.

Today's load he gave me wasn't as impressive as the others. I wondered if he'd already shot off in some guy's gullet already. Was I the first person he showed the apartment to today while she waited downstairs, unaware he was upstairs getting his throbbing cock sucked by one of his customers? I savored his load anyway, holding it in my mouth until the last possible moment. He allowed me to fondle him and nurse on his softening prick while he cooed praise to me. When I gently squeezed a drop of semen out of his organ and rushed to lick it off before it dripped, he was amused and called me greedy. He is right, of course. I am. I want more from him, too.
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