chuggit (chuggit) wrote,

blast from the past

A few days prior

Visited the maze and ran into the dude I wrote about years ago in this entry. It was strange. There I was, desperate for some contact, feeling frustrated and bored. My first attempt at some action in there, a three-way with two other cruisers, fell flat and ended up disintegrating before anybody shot a load. When I left the booth, I saw that big dude again, the one I referred to as "Ex-football build". Seeing as that was 2006, he looked different. He reminded me of my high school gym teacher. Clean shaven, big upper body, huge round firm gut. We went in a booth and I just went nuts on him. Kissing his chest, playing with his nips, sucking his short, fat, perfect cock. He seemed surprised at how urgent I was. It wasn't long before I felt him shoot a load in my mouth, definitely not his first of the day, but I wasn't complaining. I felt that familiar throbbing cock and I was satisfied for the moment. I stood up and we chatted briefly. A few times I almost wandered away from him, not realizing that he wasn't ready to bolt. Finally I walked back to him and told him I recognized him from all those years before. He seemed amused I remembered him; I didn't really care that he didn't remember me. I did remember his ability to reload many times, so I hung around just to see if he'd want another round.

He did. This time he told me to give him a minute alone in the booth before coming in. I kinda figured he was gonna get naked, and when I heard his belt buckle flopping around in there, the surprise was officially ruined. I didn't care; naked he was so fucking hot. I licked and kissed him all over. I licked his hairy chest and nips, and when he lifted up his arms I licked out his armpits too. I was all over him. When I was blowing him again and started feeling around his ass, he turned around and I ate his ass, moaning while I did it. I couldn't get enough of him. With him bent over the bench, that beefy ass right at the perfect level, I wanted to stand up and plow into him, but something told me he wasn't up for that. I finished him off when he stood up again, sucking him into another orgasm. I tasted some cum, but considering it was probably his third or possibly fourth orgasm, I didn't mind that it was small.

We talked for a few minutes again. I kept telling him how beautiful he was. He seemed embarassed by that, but in a good way. I could tell he liked hearing it, and I meant it. Then I surprised myself, I asked to take his picture, and he told me I could. "As long as you don't get my face." I fumbled with my cell phone, awkward, taking too long, afraid he'd change his mind any nanosecond. The two pics I snapped of him were too dark, only one side of his chest and belly illuminated only by the light coming from the video screen in the booth. But then it was his turn to surprise me, he asked me to take some more pics of him with his phone. So I did. It was hot, and I was glad he was confident enough to let me.

I would have loved to have seen him again, in private, in a place where anything was possible. And yet, I stopped short of doing the phone number thing. Maybe I was just flying on instinct, but when I re-read that post from a long time ago, I remember I gave him my e-mail and he never got in touch. So I figure he wouldn't have anyway. No matter. If I don't see him again for another couple years, I'm sure he'll be even hotter next time.
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