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I hate complications. I don't want to enter into a cruising scene and then be confronted with something that raises too many questions. You know what I mean?

My last entry mentioned Jerry, the Teamster type guy. I knew he was complicated the first time I sucked him off; he gabbed in the maze, a serious indicator of someone who doesn't "get it", and after he shot his load down my throat, he was worried about whether or not I'd cum on him. I don't understand that part, because if you do not like cum or are worried about getting cum on you, then what the fuck are you doing having sex in an adult bookstore? It doesn't make sense. But I've continued to blow Jerry when I see him there. I enjoy his type and his body a little too much to just ignore him.

Well I took it to another level and wished that I hadn't. I found him on a chat site and hit him up one night. He recognized me immediately and seemed pleasant enough; he wasn't immediately terrified that someone from the bookstore had recognized him, so far so good. But then he turns all strange on me. He doesn't want to meet at his place, which is fine--I get that. He either lives with a spouse or lover, or there's some other reason he can't take me home. I don't really care what the reason may be.

But then there's this strange tidbit: he doesn't want to come to MY house, because...well he doesn't know me that well. Huh? I've blown him five or so times in a bookstore, and he's having sex in public places, and yet when it comes to going home he's worried about me suddenly revealing I'm a serial killer?

The big warning sign, however, was when we did agree to meet up at the bookstore; at least we could time our visits, right? So I head out to the bookstore, arrive a little early, and look for Jerry. I find Jerry with his pants down in a booth, getting blown by some other dude. I'm a little annoyed by it, simply because it's something I didn't consider when I made these plans with Jerry. But whatever, right? We're talking about no strings, semi-anonymous sex here. So I just casually walk away and cruise for another dude. Jerry suddenly appears and is real anxious to get in a booth with me. OK, I try and suck him and he's barely even able to stay hard. Obviously he has just shot his load in some dude's mouth, so naturally he's not gonna respond. I just suck on him a while and when I realize it's going nowhere, I stand up. Jerry makes out with me for a little and then goes down on me, for the first time, but he's not getting me off and I know it's not gonna happen, the vibe is just all wrong because he shot his wad already.

So I see this hot lookin dude circling outside the booth. Now THERE'S a guy I could get off with real easy. So I finish it up with Jerry and when it becomes clear he isn't going to leave unless I do, I gently tell him I'm not leaving yet. He gets my message and leaves me alone to fool around with this other dude, a hot, dark Italian-looking guy in sweatpants that can barely contain his fat cock. I suck him and eat his ass in a booth until he shoots his load.

Then I leave, and there's Jerry, out at the counter. He follows me outside with this other lurker who was standing at the retail counter gabbing with him and the clerk. Jerry and this other dude leave at the same time I do, and Jerry sort of stands there expecting...what? What the hell does he want with me? I'm not going to stand here and chit chat with him, especially not now that I just got my nuts off. I'm friendly about it, but I leave.

So now he refuses to acknowledge me online. Whereas before I got a steady stream of chat from him, now he shuts me down quickly or just ignores me altogether. I don't really mind this all that much, but I'm thinking, why? Because I told you I'd meet you for sex and arrived instead to find you shooting your load in some other guy's throat? And when I dared to be less than thrilled by your no-load, half hard performance afterwards, suddenly I'm an asshole? Dude, I know you have a pair, cause I've licked them, so start acting like it.

We have yet to randomly run into each other up at the old bookstore, so I dunno what's going to happen when we finally do. Deductive reasoning tells me that I'm one of the better guys to pay attention to Jerry back there, so my guess is he'll act like nothing ever happened and drop his pants for me again. Fine by me!
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